165-026-68240 in Alabaster

Drivers wanted for a very exclusive upscale entertainment company sh is paid dailybig money is being made by becoming an entertainment driver do you realize are average fulltime entertainment drivers are earning well over 10,000 in cash per weekDrive the rich and you can literally get rich you will be super models and dancers from the strip clubs as well as night clubs as well as millionaire type clients to various events and occasions add drivers make big money are fulltime drivers average anywhere between 425,000 to 500,00 0 a year yes youre reading it right that could be you also earning that money pick up the phone call us apply and start working you only live one time in this life make the most of it try different things in your life big moneys being made in the entertainment business its a billion dollar a year business please call us to apply 6502668240 or 6099451325 when calling if the numbers are busy please keep calling we have a very high call volume we can start you immediately once you get signed on we can have you working within 1 hour of calling us LL Now ,open 24hours

Drivers wanted for very upscale Entertainment company sh paid daily start immediately Drive dancers from the strip clubs and nightclubs to their appointments cash is paid daily big money is being made. No experience is required we will train you to become an entertainment driver Our fulltime drivers earn well over 10,000 in cash per week Apply now when calling a job information line if the number is busy please keep calling we have a very high call volume open 24 hours 7 days a week we can start you immediately you can be working within 2 hours from applying call 6502668240 or 6099451325 LL Now LL Now


  • Phone: 165-026-68240


  • Name: 16099451325
  • Age: 45
  • Phone: 16502668240
  • Email: _
  • Ethnicity: _
  • Languages: en
  • Piercing: _
  • Tatoo: _
  • Hair: _
  • Eye: _
  • Weight: _
  • Height: _
  • Cup: _
  • Haircut: _
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